Special Needs

Strategic Resources
Appleby Primary School is proud of its status as a strategically resourced school where children with additional educational needs are taught within a community with specialist equipment and staffing. We have the capacity to educate young people with a range of abilities whose needs are unable to be met in their own community school.

Inclusive Practise
Our school has a long history of inclusive practise and holds an inclusion charter mark. Specialist staff have recognised qualifications in additional educational need and a wealth of experience to draw on. Each pupil has a programme tailored to his/her specific needs and a timetable which ensures integration into his/her peer group as appropriate. Our Year 6 Buddies Scheme also plays a vital role in supporting children with complex needs who enrich our school and teach us so much.

Specialist Provision
This includes two classrooms, a disabled bathroom, spa and sensory room, all located within Emma’s Building. Whenever appropriate, pupils are included in extra curricular activities with the necessary staffing to ensure safety, which include swimming and horse riding.

Please follow this link for our SEN Information Report