Pupil Premium Report

Total Funding Received for Financial Year 2016/17 £33,479.00

As identified above the majority of the pupil premium funding has been spent on a programme of additional learning support. This programme has included the following:

  • Themed Mathematics support groups
  • Times Tables individual support and small groups
  • One-to-one in-class support
  • Surgery time with the class teacher for post objective teaching
  • Writing support in class
  • Follow-up sessions led by teaching assistants for Literacy and Mathematics after the teacher has delivered the lesson
  • Part-time learning in the integrated resource unit
  • Focused Phonic sessions
  • Speech and Language one-to-one sessions

Each child receiving the grant has an assessment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics three times a year, at the end of each term, and the progress they have made in these assessments is discussed with the Senior Leadership Team. The additional learning support is bespoke and is altered as the needs of each child changes. As a school we feel that using this approach is an effective way of ensuring that each child makes the maximum progress possible.

The funding is also used to enable the Pupil Premium group to attend residentials in Years 5 and 6, to access music tuition, attend school educational visits and have school milk. This holistic approach to the spending of the grant ensures that we are closing the gap for each child.





Sports Funding for the financial year 2014/15 totalled £8784. £2783  was spent on membership of the Eden Valley Sports Partnership (E.V.S.P.) which enabled specialist sports coaches to provide coaching sessions at school in a range of sports, and a further £2617 was spent on swimming tuition and pool hire at Appleby Swimming Pool.

The school also entered teams for competitions in gymnastics, athletics, hockey, cross country, cricket and football, with funding covering staffing and transport costs for these events. It also paid for sports equipment. The school has carried over £1190 which will be put to good use this academic year. This funding encouraged participation, and helped to develop interest and skill levels in a variety of sports at an early age.