Mrs Umpleby and Mrs Hearn

Summer Term 2018


This term our topics include mini beasts, life cycles and dinosaurs.

Last terms topics were a great success. The children loved investigating pirates, princesses and castles. We made lots of models, painted lots of pictures, wrote some wonderful writing, including messages in a bottle, treasure maps and some great descriptive pieces. In maths we started problem solving, including addition, subtraction and sharing problems.

Thank you for all your help and support with reading. It really makes a difference when children are heard to read regularly at home.

Another big thank you for all you posts on Tapestry.

In the Summer Term we will continue to work to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Reading: We will continue to focus on letters and sounds, recognising the letters and their sounds and reading words, captions and books. Appleby Primary School follow the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and the National Curriculum Letters and Sounds Programme for Phonics. In Reception we use Phonics Play to support this.

 Please help your child learn and recognise their letters and sounds and share the books they bring home. Hearing your child read most days at home will really help them progress.

Writing: We will continue to encourage to the children to write in all areas of the curriculum and will be helping the children to become happy independent writers. We will be encouraging the children to use full stops and perhaps join some of their sentences with conjunctions such as and, but or because.

Maths: We will continue with problem solving in numeracy and will be developing the children’s confidence to work with numbers to 20 and even beyond as well as talk confidently about and building with 2D and 3D shapes. We will also continue to use simple measures.

Woodland: We will continue to go into the woods on Tuesday, hopefully we will find lots of minibeasts and maybe even dinosaur footprints.

Expressive arts and Design: We will continue with lots of imaginative crafts and model building.

And lots more….

Please make sure all clothes including PE kits are clearly named. Thank you.

 Your child’s education and happiness is very important to us so please come and talk to us about your child’s needs, interests, and achievements at home.


Maria Hearn & Jane Umpleby