At Appleby Primary School we follow the guidelines laid out in the September 2014 National Curriculum.

The Core subjects we focus on are: Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Computing.

The Foundation subjects we focus on are: Art and Design, Design and Technology, Geography, History, French, Physical Education, Religious Education and Music.

We address SMSC development (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) throughout the whole curriculum.

From a Spiritual perspective we encourage children to be reflective and appreciative of the world around us.

From a Moral perspective, we teach the difference between right and wrong and that making choices has consequences. We use conflict resolution techniques where appropriate. We help our pupils to understand and accept that people have different view points and all views are valuable.

From a Social perspective we value the role that school plays in the local community and encourage pupils to adopt British values including the respect of others in our school and wider community, and the tolerance of people with different faith and belief systems. Our effective school council reflects the values of democracy.

From a Cultural perspective we aim to educate our children on the differences within our own country in the religious beliefs that people follow. We look to engage in a wide variety of cultural and sporting events. As a school we annually celebrate the Appleby Horse Fair, gaining an understanding of travellers and their way of life. We also provide the opportunity for children to have first hand experience of visiting a foreign capital city (Paris).

Our curriculum focusses on an Enquiry Led Learning approach and Enterprise as a way of preparing our children for life in modern Britain.