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Mrs Willacy

Summer Term 2018

In Class 4 we will be having a very busy Summer Term.  Our topic is Raiders and Settlers and we will be studying the Roman and Viking invasions of Britain. As usual, we will plan and complete a range of activities to develop our keys skills. However, this term we will be taking a different approach to our topic work.  In addition to exploring a historical theme and the skills based work we will be doing in class, each child will choose an aspect of conflicts throughout history which interests them and they will then plan and complete a project of their own.  They will then use this project to inform a Big Write which will be an information report. To complete this project your child will need to do some of their research at home and any help you can give them would be appreciated.  Good sources of information can be found on the internet and the local library. 

In maths, will continue to develop our calculation and problem solving skills as well as using our mathematical skills to draw and measure angles accurately.

Year 6 will be completing their SATs and Year 4 and 5 will continue to develop and extend their numeracy and literacy key skills.

In Science, following on from our work on Habitats and Adaptation, we will be studying the lifecycles of a variety of plants and animals. 

During the Summer Term we will also undertake an Adventurous Outdoor Activity as part of the PE curriculum.  We will take part in a Mountain Challenge which will involve Year 4 reaching the summit of Murton Pike, Year 5 navigating and walking to the summit of three peaks, Barrow, Style End and Outerside and Year 6 scaling Helvellyn!

Spelling homework will continue to be given on a Monday to help prepare for our Friday spelling test. 

Maths homework will be given out on Friday to be completed over the weekend and handed in on the following Monday.



Nicola Willacy