Mrs Barker & Mrs Braithwaite


Mrs Barker & Mrs Braithwaite

Autumn Term 2018

The Autumn term is an exciting time of year with new journeys starting for the children with their learning. 

During the autumn term the children in Year 1 will have an umbrella theme of ‘Wonderful Weather’ which will incorporate the science topic of seasonal changes relating to Autumn and Winter and connect with the history based topic of Grace Darling.  Learning about Grace Darling will also bring in geographical learning elements relating to the United Kingdom and will incorporate learning about the RNLI and their work and role in communities.   During the Autumn term and reflecting the topic, will be learning about the Harvest Festival. In the latter part of the term, as Christmas approaches, the opportunity to explore the history and development of toys will open another exciting platform of learning. 

Literacy will have a strong focus on phonics as this supports reading and writing.  In addition Mrs Braithwaite will be using texts to link with Grace Darling and focussing on books by Shirley Hughes and Julia Donaldson.   Mrs Barker will hand out Spelling homework on a Monday, to be returned the following Monday. 

Numeracy in the autumn term will develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of number – counting, place value and addition and units of measurement – capacity, length and weight.  Mrs Braithwaite will be handing out homework in relation to numeracy on a Wednesday and again the children will have a week before it has to be returned on the Wednesday.

In art, we will be looking at the work of artist Mark Rothko and the use of hot and cold colours.  Again links will be made with other areas of the curriculum through art and design.  Please feel free to supply an apron/old shirt for your child for these activities.  These can be left at school, but please name them!

In ICT Mrs Barker will be teaching about e-safety, and the use of the hardware in the autumn term.  In Design and technology, Mrs Barker will be making links with the Harvest Festival and hopefully the children will have the opportunity to make some bread whilst learning about nutrition and from where food comes.

Year 1 will have P.E. on Tuesdays and Fridays, however we suggest P.E. kits are in school every day. Mrs Barker will be focussing on gymnastics and dance during the year and Mrs Braithwaite on Sports and associated skills and strategies.  Full indoor and outdoor kit is required: T.shirt, shorts, jogger/tracksuit bottoms, hoody/jumper (not school jumper), socks, trainers or pumps.  ALL KIT MUST BE NAMED.

We are all looking forward to a busy term of learning.