Mrs Parsons & Mrs Ellis



Autumn Term 2018

We are pleased to welcome the children back to a new and exciting school year at Appleby Primary School.

The class will taught by Mrs Parsons Monday – Wednesday and Mrs Ellis Thursday – Friday, while Miss Jarvis will be assisting throughout the week.

The children have been given homework diaries that they will write in themselves throughout the year, whereas continuous homework is displayed inside the front cover. This book will be used to stick their weekly spelling lists into, so they can be learned at home for their test on Tuesdays.

With Mrs Parsons, the children will become familiar with the Gruesome Twosome known as the Twits. This will inspire and guide our literacy topics, which will mostly look at writing Recounts and Reports.  After Half term we will move onto comparing and discussing Fairy stories and Play scripts and the differences between two versions of The Princess and the Pea. 

Mrs Ellis will be reading Fable stories with the children and Literacy lessons will be based around these stories with morals.  We will then move onto Horrid Henry stories by Francesca Simon after the half term holiday and this author will inspire the children with their own writing.

 In Numeracy, Mrs Parsons will work through Place Value and move onto Addition and Subtraction before the Half Term. This will provide the building blocks to extend their learning to more complex numeracy, and we will begin to work with Multiplication and Division.  At the end of the week with Mrs Ellis, we will be learning to recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes.  We will then be learning to recognise and identify angles and angles in different shapes.

Our topic is history based this term and we will be learning about our local history here in Appleby.  We will be finding out about the life of Lady Anne Clifford and why she is famous.

May the force be with us during Science, as we make predictions, carry out experiments and form evaluations. During the first Half Term we will be studying Forces and Magnets, before moving onto The States of Matter after the Half Term. We will be using these topics to inspire our Dance in P.E.

Additionally to Dance, we have specialists in Hockey and Rugby coming to teach the children in school, before they travel to the local swimming pool to make a splash on Fridays.

It doesn’t stop there! In Art, the children will be developing new drawing techniques and become better observers. They will be reflecting on their own Internet safety and beginning to develop their skills with a variety of different software in Computing. They will also be learning to speak conversational French.

Mrs Brown will be teaching Music and R.E. every fortnight.

Please could all P.E kit and School uniform be named to avoid it being lost. Could we also request an oversize old t-shirt or shirt to be brought in for the children to wear during Art.