Mrs Cathcart


Year 2


Mrs Cathcart

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back everyone!  The Autumn term is a very busy one in school, with lots of things to look forward to.

Now that the children are used to school routines, we aim to develop their independence by encouraging them to play on the playground under your supervision in the mornings until the bell goes, and then to come in to school and hang up their coats by themselves, ready to come in to the classroom.  The school day starts at 8.55.

In Years Two and Three we continue to follow the National Curriculum guidelines for literacy and numeracy.  Our literacy is based around high quality texts such as Iron Man and The Flat Stanley stories.

We will be studying some interesting topics this term. Our first focus will be Florence Nightingale.  The children enjoy finding out about the past and practising their skills as historians.  We will also be looking at Appleby and comparing it to other places in the world.

There will be lots of opportunities for developing artistic and musical skills throughout the term.

There will be two P.E. sessions a week.  These will be on Thursday and Friday.  Please provide shorts, a t-shirt and pumps for P.E. sessions, and be sure to name each item as things very easily become muddled up.  After the first week, Friday afternoons will see us at the swimming pool for ten weeks, so please remember to send the appropriate kit.  It is much easier for the girls to get dried and dressed if they do not wear tights on swimming days.  School policy states that children cannot take part in P.E. activities when wearing earrings, so children should not wear them on P.E. days, or should be able to take them out themselves.

Our Science topic for the first half term is Forces and Magnetism.

Literacy and numeracy homework will be given on Friday and should be completed and returned to school by the following Thursday. We encourage children to read as often as possible at home to an adult, as this will be a great support to the development of their literacy skills. Children who read regularly at home make more rapid progress in all subjects. The children have a reading diary which we encourage you to use daily.  We have a “three times a week” reading challenge in our class to encourage reading at home.  There is a reward at the end of the week for those who complete the challenge!

Appleby Primary School follows the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and the National Curriculum Letters and Sounds programme for Phonics.

Pleases feel free to come in and see me if you have any questions.